IDP Intensive Planning Session

Idaho Democratic Party staff took two days this week to work on next steps and plan for the near and distant future.

A couple years ago, we stopped calling these activities “retreats.” We do too much work for too many hours to have a title that conjures up golf games and Dick Cheney-style bird hunts (and by the way, no one was injured during the two days). We focus on resolving organizational-process issues as well as reviewing strategy and tactics.

We call these semi-annual events “Intensive Planning Sessions.”

This time, we left town and gathered in a cabin (thanks, dear donor!) in New Meadows.

sleepy(Photo: The furnace was under-performing, so after working until 2 a.m. bedrooms and fireside locations became prime real estate.)

Intensive Planning Sessions let us tackle vexing (if mundane) problems: creating easily searchable archives; developing strategies for staff to accomplish administrative tasks; making office space flow better for staff and volunteers. Other topics are weightier: how do we keep advancing our mission to elect Idaho Dems?

This planning session is one of a number of statewide efforts to review IDP work and make adjustments. County Dem parties have already held “lessons learned” sessions. And, stakeholders are meeting as the IDP Review Committee to recommend alterations to our IDP 10-year Strategic Plan.

Idaho Dems emerge from a tough election cycle and disappointment over statewide and legislative races. Yet, Idaho bucked a national, pro-GOP trend by being one of just two states to expand Democrats in the Legislature–one of seven states not to lose Dem seats.

Near term, the IDP seeks to continue to grow momentum and strength. Longer term, the IDP will return balance to Idaho and win the trust of a majority of Idaho voters. This year’s growth shows progress toward both objectives.

Taking time as a staff to manage the details means fewer missed opportunities, greater creativity, and a well-functioning team. In fact, we recommend that our county parties engage in similar activities to build cohesion and create greater focus.

As we head into the holiday season, thanks to everyone who has worked to make Idaho a better place. We are blessed to have each other.

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