Idaho Democrats Convention: National Delegates and National Committe-Members

Important business over the weekend at the 2016 Idaho Democratic Convention included electing 23 delegates–for a total of 27–who will represent Idaho in July at the DNC National Convention in Phillidelphia. Another piece of business was the election of two new National Committee members.

jerry shriner 2016 idp convsusan eastlake 2016Susan Eastlake of Boise is new National Committeewoman. She replaces Carolyn Boyce of Boise after this year. Jerry Shriner of Coeur d’Alene is new National Committeeman. He replaces Pete Gertonson of Waha.

National delegates were selected from about 330 state delegates who were elected during Idaho’s record-breaking March caucuses. The delegates (20 for Bernie Sanders, 6 for Hillary Clinton, and 1 undeclared) are as follow:

Sanders National Delegates

Yara Slaton, Boise
AJ Konda, Coeur d’Alene
Chelsea Gaona-Lincoln, Caldwell
George Skandalos, Moscow
Miranda Gold, Eagle
Bill Parks, Moscow
Naomi Johnson, Boise
Justin Snyder, Boise
Brittany Ruland, Twin Falls
Caleb Hansen, Boise
Maria Alicia Garza, Boise
Jim Fletcher, Pocatello
Chrystal Allen, Boise
James Smart, Boise
Rick Tousley, Lewiston
Jordan Arellano, Boise
Bill Sifford, McCall
Cecile Perez, Idaho Falls
Gini Ballou, Hailey—alternate
Alonzo Statham, Boise—alternate

Clinton National Delegates

Caitlin Lister, Meridian
Jesse Maldonado, Lewiston
Ilana Rubel, Boise
Dave Bieter, Boise
Holli Woodings, Boise
Michael Armand, Boise—alternate


Bert Marley, McCammon—Sanders
Pete Gertonson, Waha—Sanders
Carolyn Boyce, Boise—Clinton
Van Beechler, Caldwell—Undeclared

Standing Committee Members

Mary Reali, Credentials Committee; Sanders
Jeff Hess, Platform Committee; Clinton
Brian Ertz, Rules and By Laws Committee; Sanders


Jason Hudson
Elle Casner


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