IDP Chairman Larry Kenck Travels Idaho

If you were on Facebook, you’d have read this update from IDP Chairman Larry Kenck:

Sept. 26

Yesterday, I returned home from a two week, 1400 mile trip around Idaho. Christina and I traveled from the northern part to the southern part of the state and from the eastern border to the western border.

I was honored to give talks and have meetings in 5 different towns with elected officials, candidates, Democratic clubs and County organizations as well as with just ordinary people. Through all the miles and all the meetings and all the discussions, I finished with something to share with you:

Our party is energized, mobilized, focused and ready to make a change. I was really amazed at how much our party has grown and how energized our Democrats have become. No longer complacent and no longer willing to just let the tide roll, our party is standing up and speaking up and ready to be a major player in the upcoming elections and the rebalancing of our state. Thanks to all of you for joining with me in this battle. Together we are making a difference and we will continue to make a difference and we will bring balance back to Idaho.

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