IDP Chairman: Thanks to Democratic Primary Candidates

While pundits study results of the primary election, one outcome is clear: Idaho voters have responsible Democratic candidates to vote for this fall. These are serious candidates who want to give our students the best possible future, to build and maintain strong communities, to restore ethics in government, and to help create good jobs in Idaho.

“I want to congratulate and thank the Democratic candidates who ran in the primary election. Across the state, good, hardworking people have stepped forward to bring balance back to Idaho’s government,” said Idaho Democratic Party Chairman Larry Grant. “These Democratic candidates are standing up to an arrogant GOP supermajority that has defunded education and shaken our trust in government.”

We all watched for the outcomes of a bitter GOP primary fight that required Idahoans to declare political affiliation for the first time. But, surviving GOP candidates should not take their victories as a vote of approval.

“In many Republican races, voters saw a choice between someone they were angry with versus someone they were scared of,” Grant said. “Republicans who prevailed, by and large, are the same people who cut education funding and who have treated state government like it is their own private club.”

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I appreciate your letter. I am hoping that the voting this year can be fixed before all of the cheating occurs that will be keeping good Americans from voting. I hope all democrats get out and vote. Please if you have influence encourage people to vote. It is the most important thing we can do this year. Just vote. Thank you. Cecelia

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