IDP Chair: Otter Offers “More of the Same”

A month ago, Gov. Butch Otter told reporters that they could expect “more of the same” in the 2014 Idaho Legislature. He wasn’t kidding!

The governor made it clear that he has no intention of fully implementing the education task force recommendations. In fact, he has set aside $30 million for more tax cuts to the richest, well-connected Idahoans. All of that “more of the same” while Idaho has the worst wages in the nation.

(We do have a better choice: Businessman and education leader Idaho Democratic Governor Candidate AJ Balukoff.)

Here’s Idaho Democratic Party Chairman Larry Kenck’s response sent to the press:

Gov. Otter Offers “More of the Same” in State of State

Boise, Idaho—In his State of the State Address today, Gov. Otter offered “more of the same” (as he promised reporters in December). Otter made his true priorities clear last month when he told the Associated General Contractors that “Idaho’s greatest challenge for 2014? … Getting’ me re-elected!”

Idaho needs leaders who understand the real challenges that our families face.

Idaho families work hard everyday to build bright futures for their children,” said Idaho Democratic Party Chairman Larry Kenck. “Families are suffering from the One-Party rule that has made Idaho 50th in the nation for wages and education investment.”

The “more of the same” that Otter offers continues seven years of failing to support education. Rather than implement his education task force’s recommendations, he low-balls them this year and asks us to trust him to do better later. Otter’s election-year promises appear shabby propped up against his record of the last seven years.

Otter and other Republican politicians have cut public schools and colleges to the bone. They had chances to repair the damage “as the economy began to improve.” Instead, they cut taxes for special interests and wealthy campaign donors each of the past two years. Otter’s powerful friends benefited, leaving regular families with more school override levies and more school districts dropping to four-day weeks.

The results are in and the experiment is failing,” said Kenck. “After 20 years of one-party rule, Idaho families are struggling to make ends meet and our children and grandchildren are leaving the state to find careers.”

Idaho Democratic candidates put Idaho families and our children first. They will bring transparency and accountability back to Idaho’s government and make sure special interest don’t get better treatment than We the People. This is a great year for Idaho and a great opportunity to elect public servants who are honest, hard-working and who understand that low wages hurt families.


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