Idaho’s GOP Has Failed Women

Meridian, Idaho–This week has been a stark reminder of how out-of-touch Idaho’s GOP is with women and their families.

“As November elections near, Idahoans have weekly reminders of how the GOP supermajority fails Idaho’s citizens. Women in particular should note the avalanche of bad news in the past week,” said Sally Boynton Brown, Idaho Democratic Party Executive Director. “The only way to make them stop is to vote them out.”

The recent news is a glaring indictment of Idaho’s GOP.

Today, we learned that Idaho will pay former Idaho Transportation Chief Pam Lowe $750,000 to settle her wrongful termination lawsuit—that’s in addition to nearly $600,000 in legal fees. Lowe claimed she was fired for trying to reduce contracts with a politically well-connect firm and she was the target of gender discrimination.

Add to the Lowe affair, the sentencing of the disgraced GOP Sen. John McGee. A powerful lawmaker (who had a role in the Lowe affair), he was re-elected by fellow Republicans to a leadership post despite drunkenly stealing a car and wrecking it. Only after his predatory conduct with a young woman who worked in his office did he resign.

Atop this bad news comes GOP Sen. Chuck Winder, who famously mused on the Idaho Senate Floor that rape victims should be interrogated as to whether a pregnancy was the result of rape or “normal relations in a marriage.” The remark has appeared again in national news alongside outrageous comments by Missouri U.S. Senate candidate Todd Akin about what constitutes a “legitimate rape” and his medieval notions about a woman’s reproductive process.

Idaho Democrats have qualified, capable and compassionate candidates who understand that a public servant serves the public. Idaho Democrats will fight GOP efforts to force unneeded, invasive medical procedures on women, oppose GOP policies to pay women less money, and make Idaho’s public offices a safe place for women to work.

The Idaho GOP has failed.

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