Idaho Minimum Wage Action Alert

You can help make Idaho’s elected leaders debate raising Idaho’s minimum wage.

Why shouldn't Idaho workers get a raise?Idaho leads the nation in low-paying minimum wage jobs. This makes families struggle to pay bills. Forces people to work multiple jobs just to pay basic bills. Drives our young people out of Idaho for better opportunity.

Idaho’s GOP-dominated Legislature rarely debates issues that help Idaho workers. From the governor on down, GOP politicians favor policies that help their wealthy and well-connected friends–those same policies actually raise taxes on regular Idahoans.

They know that. They don’t care.

[For more information, LIKE the Lift Up Idaho page run by the coalition working on this issue]

What can you do to help?

Senate State Affairs Chair Curt McKenzie needs you to tell him that you want his committee to debate raising Idaho wages. Otherwise, McKenzie can simply kill the bill by refusing to let it be introduced.

Please call or email Sen. Curt McKenzie asking for a public hearing on raising Idaho’s minimum wage.

Sen. Curt McKenzie – District 13
State Affairs – Chair

(208) 344-4379

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