IDP Leaders Set 10-Year Plan in Twin Falls

About 70 Idaho Democrats attended the 2013 Clint Stennett Idaho Democratic Party Fall Meeting dinner this past weekend in Twin Falls. Idaho Democrats were in Twin Falls to set a 10-year strategic plan and conduct party business. The group also chose Moscow, Idaho, as the location for the 2014 IDP State Convention in June.

The keynote speaker was Raymond Buckley, President of the Association of State Democratic Chairs. Buckley inspired the crowd with the tale of his home state, New Hampshire, turning the tide in 2006 and becoming Democratic for the first time in 150 years.

(IDP Vice-Chair Jeanne Buell and Raymond Buckley in photo on left).

“We are Democrats because of our values,” said Buckley.

Twin Falls County Chair Deborah Sliver gives Legislative District Chair Pete Gertonsen a well-deserved award.

IDP Chair Larry Kenck addresses the dinner.

Former Blaine County Chair Betty Murphy (in red) and new Blaine County Chair Janie Davidson (lower right) are working hard to build a bright future for Idaho!


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