Idaho GOP attempts to distract voters from real issues

BOISE (Oct. 31, 2018)— The Idaho GOP is once again trying to distract voters from the issues that really matter to Idahoans. Over the past week, they’ve issued several attacks on our candidates, and have even stooped to attacking volunteers. They’ve grasped at straws and stretched the truth in an attempt to cover up the fact that our candidates are gaining ground and receiving coveted endorsements.

Democratic Lieutenant Governor candidate Kristin Collum has received endorsements from four of Idaho’s major newspapers, one of them the hometown newspaper of Republican opponent Janice McGeachin. As a retaliation to her success, the Idaho GOP has accused one of Collum’s supporters of harassing McGeachin on social media.

Their attacks have led to the personal harassment of a volunteer and their family members. We find this kind of behavior disgusting and reprehensible. Other volunteers have reached out to us in fear that their personal life and information will be picked apart and published online by the Idaho GOP. This is a chilling of free speech.

Meanwhile, Idaho Democratic candidates continue to campaign statewide. Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate Cindy Wilson has received the same number of endorsements from major Idaho newspapers as Collum and has received endorsements from several prominent Republicans, most recently Frank VanderSloot, Idaho’s wealthiest person and longtime Republican donor.

Yesterday, Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter endorsed Proposition 2 to expand Medicaid, which Janice McGeachin strongly opposes, and Lt. Governor Brad Little has yet to take a firm stance on.

It’s clear that the Idaho GOP is panicking and desperate for a way to distract voters from what’s going on: the splintering of their party. They’re unable to talk about their failed policies that have plagued the state for the past 20 years, and this is what they’ve come up with.

The Idaho Democratic Party and our candidates are focused on running strong campaigns and getting out the vote in these last 6 days before Election Day. The Idaho GOP is not only silent in regard to their own candidates and races, but can’t stop talking about and smearing ours.