ELECTION: Idaho Dems Top of the Ticket

UPDATED, May 21: The Winners


Idaho Dems need your support in the primary tomorrow. Here’s why:

We have two candidates vying for State Treasurer on the Democratic Ticket:

Deborah lane startin-headshot-635306676925484000Silver, WINNER, a Twin Falls Certified Public Accountant and W. Lane Startin, a writer from Boise.SilverforTreasurer-headshot-635337581135698000






Other races offer choices between candidates with vital campaign infrastructure who are positioned to compete against Republicans, yet face opposition from candidates who have not built nearly as strong a base.


nels mitchell mugNels Mitchell of Boise for U.S. Senator, WINNER, has campaigned hard and has installed an experienced campaign team. He is opposed by some guy who lives in New York City who has placed his name on ballots for races in several other states.

Rep. Shirley Ringo for 1st Congressional District Representative, WINNER, a strong campaign team, wasringo mug recently endorsed by Lilly Ledbetter (of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act) and has traveled the state campaigning. She is opposed by Democratic activist Ryan Barone of Hayden, who has a website, a Facebook page and has appeared at events in northern Idaho.

aj balukoff smileAJ Balukoff for Idaho Governor, WINNER, a team of experts, is raising money, and has a vigorous travel schedule around the state. He faces an opponent who is not a known Idaho Democrat and has no evidence of a campaign.




And in the uncontested primary races:

Former U.S. Rstallmugep. Richard Stallings of Pocatello is running for the 2nd Congressional District (visit his website to view his first campaign advertisement).

bert marley truman banq 2014Lt. Governor candidate Bert Marley of McCammon has joined the Balukoff team to travel the state on a platform of supporting the new Democratic governor, bolstering our investment in education, and have a real economic development plan for the state.


Woodings 2090Rep. Holli Woodings of Boise is running for Idaho Secretary of State, pledging to protect our voting freedoms, make voting more accessible, streamline the process for licensing businesses and improve investment in public schools.jana jones

Jana Jones of Idaho Falls is running for Idaho Superintendent of Public Schools. A lifelong educational professional, she can reverse the destruction of the Otter-Luna years and give our children the opportunities they need to succeed.

bistlinemugBruce Bistline, a Boise lawyer, is running for Attorney General. He wants the office to improve its record of standing up for the rights of Idahoans.




We have wonderful legislative candidates around the state.

Heidi-Knittel-for-SenateFolks in Legislative District 12 need to make sure they WRITE-IN Heidi Knittel of Nampa for State Senate. WINNER. She needs 50 people to do this, which is actually a tough pull. Please help her or else her Republican opponent skates by with no one to hold him to account!

Call your local party Democratic leaders for more information on write-in candidates. You can also peruse this list of write-in candidates in Bonner, Kootenai, Canyon, Teton and Ada counties.

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