UPDATE: Bethine Church Memorial Service Feb. 1, at BSU

There will be a Memorial Service for Bethine Church on 11 a.m. to 12:30, Saturday, Feb. 1, at the Simplot Ballroom in the Student Union Building on Boise State University campus. Parking will be available across the street in the Lincoln Garage at the corner of University and Lincoln.

Everyone is invited to this celebration of the life of Bethine Church who touched so many of us.

Below is what we posted Dec. 22, 2013:

We must say farewell to one of the most important and beloved people in Idaho, Bethine Church. She was an important part of the Idaho Democratic party and a beautiful example of how to lead your life with poise, grace and hone. Rep. Holli Woodings of Boise told Boise’s KTVB Chanel 7 that Bethine and Frank Church both served as models for leaders like her:

“To me the Churches were part of the kind of era of Idaho politics that was very statesman-oriented,” Woodings said. “It wasn’t about who was a Democrat and it wasn’t about who was a Republican. It was just very much about what’s good for Idaho.”

Vice Chair Jeanne Buell described Bethine Church this way:

To me, Bethine Church was the Jackie Kennedy of Idaho. She handled everything with style and grace.”

Following is the Idaho Democratic Party press release:

Boise, Idaho—We awoke this Sunday morning to be greeted by the sad news that Bethine Church, wife of the late U.S. Sen. Frank Church, has passed away. Mrs. Church’s great energy and keen intellect made us forget that we couldn’t expect to keep her forever. Bethine Church never stopped being an active, vital part of the Idaho Democratic Party.

She was constantly engaged with Idaho Democrats through social media and telephone and she was a familiar, warm presence at many Democratic gatherings.

I have known Bethine for many years and she made her own impact on many in Idaho,” said IDP Chairman Larry Kenck. “This is very sad news for all of Idaho and we in the Idaho Democratic Party will miss her deeply.

IDP Vice Chair Jeanne Buell said that Bethine Church will always be remembered.

To me, Bethine Church was the Jackie Kennedy of Idaho,” said Buell. “She handled everything with style and grace.”

IDP Executive Director Sally Boynton Brown said Bethine Church inspired generations of Idaho women.

Bethine Church was an inspiration to many of us in Idaho and she served as a wonderful role model for generations of young women,” said Boynton Brown. “She was an example of a woman who was firm in her convictions and a powerful advocate for progressive, Democratic values. To me, and to many others, we will remember how she led her life with dignity, grace, generosity and humor.


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