Idaho Dems Top of the Ticket Candidates (so far)

We have solutions. We need votes.

Idaho Democrats have real momentum. There is a surge in volunteers. We have expert campaign workers (in the photo to the left). We’ve had a 200% increase in visits to this website over a year ago. Idaho Dem Party HQ frequently hears from folks who have left the GOP. By November, no person in Idaho will have missed a chance to make the connection between 20 years of solid GOP rule in Idaho and our status as 50th in the nation for family wages.

That’s just half of what we need to do.

The other half is to let folks know that we have the honest, hard-working and competent candidates to step in and fix things. That’s the positive solution. Time to give success a chance.

We are proud at the Idaho Democratic Party to have exceptional candidates seeking our statewide offices. Here are the ones who showed up Saturday morning at an event sponsored by the BSU College Democrats.

Note: This list will get longer as more Idaho Dems announce their candidacy!!

Idaho Governor: AJ Balukoff

Businessman and education leader A.J. Balukoff will bring a lifetime of business excellence and educational commitment to Idaho’s governor’s office.

When it comes to taking struggling organizations (such as Idaho) and making them prosperous, Balukoff has exactly that kind of track record. It’s worth noting that he is facing Gov. Butch Otter who has a track record of taking Idaho, which was struggling when he took control, and making it far far worse.

Visit his website, A.J. Balukoff for Governor.

Superintendent of Public Instruction: Jana Jones

It is very odd that Supt. of Public Instruction Tom Luna decided not to run again and then his chief deputy, Roger Quarles, decided to quit minutes later. On the heels of this news, Dept. of Administration head Teresa Luna told legislators they needed to come up with an extra $14 million to cover some mind-boggling miscalculation on behalf of Otter’s office, Tom Luna’s office, and Tom Luna’s cronies at a private company that profits off of public education dollars. It’s confusing. But something happened that was grossly incompetent, at the very least.

Needless to say, Luna and Otter have left our education system in a mess. Two things will fix it: competent leadership that puts students first and rebuilding public trust. Jana Jones of Idaho Falls has 40 years of educational experience from being a teacher on up to working as former Schools Chief Marilyn Howard’s right hand. She went to Idaho public schools; her daughters did; and now her granddaughters do. This is an expert with the passion and compassion to guide us into a brighter tomorrow.

Visit her website, Jana Jones for Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Idaho Secretary of State: Rep. Holli Woodings

Although the Secretary of State’s office has been in Republican hands for 40 years, the two gentlemen who held that job had the confidence of Idaho Dems. Now, with the pending retirement of Ben Ysursa that legacy of putting public service ahead of partisan politics is threatened.

Fortunately, Rep. Holli Woodings has answered the call to service. Woodings is a successful buisnesswoman and public servant. Her desire to protect our freedom to vote and keep candidates and campaigns honest is genuine. As the campaign season rolls out, no one will have any doubt that Woodings will be the leader who Idahoans–regardless of political party–can trust.

Visit her website, Holli Woodings for Secretary of State.

1st Congressional District: Rep. Shirley Ringo

Public trust in Congress is at an historic low. Our current U.S. Representative, Raul Labrador, is a leader among the faction in Congress who put politics ahead of Idaho families. Labrador led the charge to shutdown the government last October, costing the U.S. economy $24 billion. Labrador delayed the Farm Bill and voted against the Idaho National Laboratory. He claimed that, as an immigration lawyer, he was the man to fix our immigration system. Instead, he worked hard to derail immigration reform. Labrador is the bad apple at the bottom of the barrel.

Fortunately, Rep. Shirley Ringo doesn’t back down from a challenge. When she sees that something is not right, she will not look around from someone to come fix it; she starts fixing it. Ringo is a retired teacher and has been a champion for Idaho families in the Idaho Legislature for 14 years. She keeps the state budget committee honest and is tireless worker. Ringo will work for Idaho and give us a Congress that works for America.

Visit her website, Ringo for Congress.

U.S. Senate: Nels Mitchell

Six years ago, after a 6-month stint as fill-in governor, James Risch was elected to the U.S. Senate. Since then, Risch has done next to nothing. This is the U.S. Senate–100 of the most powerful people on the planet–and Risch squandered it all on partisan talking points and petty D.C. bickering. Risch is completely out of touch with Idaho and only working for the deep pocket GOP interests in D.C.

We deserve better!

Nels Mitchell, who has made a career keeping corporations and Wall Street fat cats honest with his work for the Securities Exchange Commission, is someone who can put Idaho first. He won’t waste time on public-funded junkets or immersing himself in D.C.’s opulent theater scene. He will roll up his sleeves and get to work.

Visit his website, Nels Mitchell for United States Senate.

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