Idaho Democrats Summer Tour Roping Them In

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Idaho Democratic caucuses are in their third and final week of the IDP Summer Tour to reach out to activists. Some of the events have been very well attended. But, more importantly, every event has introduced us to people out in Idaho who want to get involved and work toward re-balancing Idaho’s political leadership.

We are also pleased that the media have paid attention to this tour. Clearly their is interest in seeing a revitalized Idaho Democratic party bringing reasonable, responsible leadership back to our state. Frankly, the evidence is abundantly clear: Idaho’s GOP leaders have had firm control of state for more than two decades and they have failed us. The Idaho GOP has disinvested in education, which has us at 49th in how much we invest per student, and pursued an economic course that has made Idaho the leader in the nation for the percentage of workers making minimum wage. That’s right. In that measure, we are number one. For anyone who has a minimum wage job or who has ever held a minimum wage job, you know you can barely pay rent on the apartment you share on that wage. You certainly can’t create a savings account that will outpace the cost of keeping up a car. You certainly cannot raise a family on that wage.

By the way, there has been some lack of understanding regarding the role of the IDP Caucuses. These organizations are not exclusionary by any means. Everyone is welcome to join them. Rather, these organizations were started by people who are passionate about issues that affect Women, Latinos, LGBTA, Veterans, Businesses and LDS folks. The people–many of whom are young and energetic and wanting to make a difference in a significant way–are intended to focus on bringing more activists into the Idaho Democratic Party. So, everyone is welcome! And, as these groups specialize on how to gain the help of their particular focus, the IDP continues to welcome everyone.

What do we stand for, one and all? We stand for strong communities where families and businesses prosper together.

Idaho Democrats Look For New Recruits

By Jessica Robinson

NPR Northwest News
Democrats in Idaho are hoping to breathe new life into the party in this overwhelmingly Republican state. Party leaders are hitting the road with an appeal to Latino, gay and lesbian, and female voters.

In the last few months, Idaho Democrats have established caucuses to represent the interests of Latinos, gays, lesbians and transgender people, and Mormons. That’s in addition to existing women’s and veterans’ caucuses the party is trying to bolster.

Democrats are holding meetings and training sessions in nine cities across Idaho.

As states go, Idaho remains among the reddest of the red. Republicans dominate statewide offices, the Congressional delegation and the state legislature.

But the Idaho Democrats’ executive director Sally Boynton Brown sees an opening with the state’s changing demographics. “The Democratic Party in Idaho is really going through a phase of revitalization. We’re attracting more young people right now and I think young people are looking around saying, ‘Something needs to change.’”

The chair of the Republican Party in Latah County, the first stop on the list, is Walter Steed. He’s not too worried about the Democrats’ efforts. “More power to ‘em,” he said.

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