Idaho Democrats Must Vote Today (find where)

When Idaho Democrats vote, they elect candidates who put families, workers, businesses, and communities first. That’s why your vote matters.

Today is Election Day! Make the time to do that right now so life doesn’t get in the way and stop you from making it to the polls.


WHERE? Go to to find your polling place.

WHO? You can contact your local party for advice on who’s running on what issues. (Contact local party leaders HERE).

Just an FYI About absentee ballot trouble in Ada County

Many who requested absentee ballots in Ada didn’t get them. If that happened, you can vote in person.

It doesn’t matter what county you live in; if you requested an absentee ballot and never got one, vote in person.

Note: Usually you need to take your absentee ballot with you if you decide to go vote in person. If you didn’t recieve one, that’s not your fault. Go vote!

Idaho Democrats elect the best candidates. Your vote matters!

Please vote today.

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