Idaho Democratic Women’s Caucus Goes to Washington

Our annual Breakfast after the Frank Church Dinner we had the New Mexico Western Regional Director, Marie Sedillo from National Federation of Democratic Women as our guest speaker.  She had lots of information on the Federation and the IDWC Board decided to join. We felt that this will help IDWC to grow we could network with other states and give us more direction.

The National Federation of Democratic Women had their yearly convention May 17 -22, in Washington, D.C. NFDW wanted to give us our Charter at the convention (I suppose that is protocol) I didn’t want to wait another year and maybe get it next year, besides it was in D.C. and offering a tour of the White House and going to the Capitol, Women in Blue on the Hill, how could I not go. I fretted about the money it would cost, the long plane flight, changing planes. Could not get reservations at the hotel for the first night, where would I stay in the airport or in the Hotel lobby.  All in All I made some phone calls. Found a place to stay with a friend that first night in D.C. and a roommate from Missouri to share cost of Hotel.

What a trip! WOW! Rob Ellsworth, Walt Minnick’s chief of staff and now his business partner, picked me up at midnight on Tues the May 17th then took me to my hotel by 6am next morning to check in and go to the White House Tour by 7am. Bless him, helps to have special friends in designated places.  After the tour I got a couple hours of sleep, then off to the Odyssey dinner cruise. So much fun live band, good food, good company sat with women from Georgia, Michigan, Missouri and West Virginia.

Thursday morning Women in Blue on the Hill, at the Capitol to meet representatives from our states, my roommate were from Missouri so I went with her and the Missouri delegation and met with Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill.  After we talked with her and took pictures one of her staff took us through the Capitol basement on the tram. The Capitol is HUGH.

Friday, first day of convention was exciting and so very interesting. Started out having breakfast with NFDW Presidents from 32 states, there were 320 delegates and on final day 279 voting delegates.

Took care of business, roll call of states and officers, credentials, rules, reports all that good stuff. Then Alaska, Idaho, New York received our Charter. The Charter is beautiful not what I expected. Can’t wait till you All see it. Then there were bylaw changes to be approved.

We heard from the Mayor of D.C. Vincent C Gray, whose mission is to have Congress approve Statehood for his 600,000 citizens. Point of interest, Congress approves D.C. budget and not usual in a timely matter. This would not be the case if they were a state.

There were two workshops in the afternoon one from U.S. Assistant Secretary of Aging and Chair DC State Committee on “The power of Women”. I picked up some great things to think about.

 Faith, Focus and Force. Faith, believe in yourself, Focus, always going to be obstacles, Force, keep moving no stopping till goal.

Another one I liked Christine from Oklahoma said “Blue Roots, Red Dirt”.  Love it!

Saturday was election of new officers, so there is a complete change of the Board. Christine Pelosi spoke on “Young Democrats Answer to America’s Call to Service”

Afternoon we had a workshop ‘Young Democratic Women; Learn to Run, Learn to Lead”

Next year’s NFDW convention is in Kentucky and I would like to see more of the IDWC Board go.

When I took this position with the Woman’s caucus I wasn’t sure of the direction we needed to go, I guess I just wasn’t sure what I needed to do. I had ideas no direction. Since the convention I have felt more confident, have ideas of what I want to do. I have been in contact with regional directors; they have been working on their database for their region. I have been to Weiser Central Committee meeting, reported on convention. We have helped sponsor Idaho Young Democrats trip to Kentucky last of July to get their Charter from National Young Democrats.

Looking for someone to help with a quarterly newsletter, checking on pricing to update the Website,

I am working on a IDWC Yard Sale, July 15 & 16th, a few women have donated from Kootenai County we are pricing, sorting, what a job. We need to think of ways to make money.

IDWC will be in Sun Valley October 28, 29, breakfast on the 30th.

IDWC President, Barb Harris

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