Idaho Democratic Legislators’ #1 Priority is Job Creation

Press Release from the Idaho Democratic Legislative Caucus

Date: Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Contact: Representative John Rusche (208) 750-6048 or Senator Edgar Malepeai (208) 251-9517

Idaho Democratic Legislators’ #1 Priority is Job Creation

BOISE – Today Idaho Democratic Legislators presented common sense, proactive policies they believe will help develop the prosperous communities we all desire and deserve.

IJOBs 2.0 consists of seven proposals that will grow existing companies and attract new companies, enhance our infrastructure, keep money in Idaho, and ensure that our economic development efforts are productive and accountable.

Representative Brian Cronin said, “The Idaho Legislature must play a critical and active role in returning prosperity to our communities.  We thought so in 2010, when we first proposed our first IJOBs economic development package and today we continue to push for real solutions to our ongoing economic challenges.”

The Idaho Jobs and Opportunity Blueprint consists of:

  • Value-Added Agriculture and Farmer Empowerment Act
  • Idaho Partnership Bank
  • Business Relocation & Finder’s Fee Tax Credit
  • Idaho Corporate Accountability and Transparency Act
  • Buy Idaho First Contracting Act
  • Micro Enterprise Bridge Loan Program
  • Rural Broadband Service Memorial

These bills hone in on the aspects of economic development that will impact job creation and business growth in Idaho’s communities. Rep. Cronin closed by saying, “Many of these initiatives focus on the long-term task of breaking out of the low-wage trap Idaho is in. We recognize the shared responsibility we have for creating jobs, an educated workforce, and a modern infrastructure. We look forward to working with our Republican colleagues to move forward the only job creation package currently before the Legislature.”


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