Idaho Dem Lawmakers Want Inspector General

We the People have seen an outwardly corrupt state government waste millions of tax dollars on crony-contracts. Rep. John Rusche, D-Lewiston, has introduced a bill to create an Inspector General to address that problem that has become endemic after 20 years of GOP political dominance in Idaho.

The most recent Idaho Education Network scandal–an illegal contract to Gov. Otter’s cronies and contributors–is under investigation by the Department of Justice. We don’t know yet how many millions of dollars that illegal business by our governor will cost us. The investigation into that debacle comes amid on ongoing FBI investigation into the private prison contractor, Corrections Corporation of America, a major campaign contributor to Gov. Otter.

We can do better. But, we need to restore some of the trust that the governor has burned up. The creation of an Inspector General Office will help. You will notice that there’s a cost associated with this office–$350,000 a year–but that is a drop in the bucket compared to the millions being wasted every year to the governor and his agent’s crooked deals. That cost stands to save us millions by discouraging this broken good ol’ boys system from breaking the rest of us:

Dem Leader Introduces Bill to Create Inspector General

BOISE – The House State Affairs Committee agreed to introduce a bill today that will give Idahoans more confidence in how taxpayer dollars are spent.

Rep. John Rusche (D-Lewiston), has introduced a bill establishing an Inspector General who would be in charge of investigating questions as they arise in the state contracting process and would protect the public assets and integrity of state government.

The Inspector General would be appointed by the Governor, require Senate confirmation, and serve a 6-year term. The position would be used by various levels of government to provide an opportunity to investigate complaints of fraud, waste, abuse or malfeasance prior to court action.

“Idaho taxpayers must be able to trust that their government is functioning honestly, efficiently and in the best interest of We the People,” Rusche said. “Over the past few years, Idahoans have had good reason to doubt, and an Inspector General will rebuild that lost trust.”

Two major state contracts involving internet to schools and private prisons are under current federal investigation and millions of tax payer dollars are already lost to litigation surrounding the issues.

The bill will return to State Affairs for a full hearing. For more information, please contact Representative John Rusche.

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