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House Minority Office – Attaché
Job Description

House Minority attaches provide a wide variety of professional support to the House Minority members. Each attaché may provide administrative, research, and constituent support to five or more legislators, as well as taking on projects for the caucus as a whole or assignments from the Chief of Staff. The direct supervisor for an attaché is the Chief of Staff for the House Minority Caucus.

1) Constituent interaction and correspondence:
a. Receiving, organizing, and responding to constituent emails, letters, and calls regarding legislative issues; and
b. Research requested by constituents or research needed to resolve constituents’ problems.

2) Research related to legislative issues:
a. Conduct and/or oversee interns’ research relating to legislation; and
b. Writing Statements of Purpose and Fiscal Notes for legislation.

3) Scheduling and Administrative:
a. Schedule meetings with lobbyists, constituents, stakeholder groups and other legislators;
b. RSVP to legislative functions and receptions;
c. Keep updated contact lists ;
d. Attend caucus meetings and take notes; and
e. Fax, copy, scan, run errands, etc.

4) Mass mailings and newsletters:
a. Send out mass mailings each week to constituents (100 piece mailings per legislator); and
b. Encourage legislators to send out email newsletters. Help them attain an email mailing list; write, draft or simply edit a newsletter; manage responses from newsletter.


1. Be able to multitask. Be very organized and patient.
2. All basic office/ administrative skills needed.
3. Ability to conduct research on the internet, in the library, in Idaho Code, and between agencies/departments/organizations.
4. General computer skills with ability to quickly learn new software programs.
5. Excellent writing skills.
6. Personable—with the public, lobbyists, and other legislators. We are the first contact between the public and their elected officials.

Please email your resume and cover letter to House Minority Leader John Rusche at by November 1st.

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