Healthcare Letter to the Editor

Politics before people

Received Feb. 21

Much information has been in the news lately about health insurance exchanges. Some folks favor them and some are against them. The bottom line is there are thousands of uninsured people in Idaho who need access to affordable health care. Most people recognize the need to have health care for their family. The Idaho Legislature can provide them access by establishing a health insurance exchange. But the reports from Boise indicate that Republicans are not supporting health insurance exchanges. They don’t want health insurance exchanges because they don’t want the federal government meddling in Idaho affairs. Herein lies the problem. Aren’t they doing the same thing to us they claim the federal government is doing? They are deciding uninsured citizens don’t need access to affordable health insurance. But, the issue that should have people up in arms is this: Many of these same Republican legislators, who are denying people the opportunity to obtain health care, themselves have publicly funded health care in the form of Medicare or Blue Cross insurance, like state employees who have to work more than four months a year. What is wrong with this picture? Why aren’t uninsured people storming the capital with torches and pitchforks demanding access to affordable health care as Republicans continue to put politics before people. (Word count: 214)

Carrie Crom

Idaho Falls

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