Governor Howard Dean and Democracy For America Inspire Action for 2012

WORLEY, IDAHO–– “We have got to be tougher,” Governor Howard Dean told a packed room of 200 excited Democrats on Saturday April 16th. People from around the state came to the Coeur d ‘Alene Casino Resort to hear Dean during the 9th Annual North Idaho Democracy Luncheon.

“Chance favors the prepared mind,” Governor Dean reminded Democrats during his keynote speech, “We must be prepared to strike when the opportunity presents itself… Progressives can be fiscally conservative and fiscally responsible and still deliver a social agenda that America can stand up and be proud of.”

Jeanne Buell, State Vice-Chair, said, “Right now we have every right to be furious and mad with what has been happening. He is correct in saying that we need to get tough and tell people what we stand for. Idaho Democrats stand for working people, families, and responsive government.”

Attendees also had the opportunity to be trained by Democracy for America, the grassroots political organization founded by Howard Dean. DFA is dedicated to recruiting, training, promoting and funding progressive organizations.

State Chair, Larry Grant, said, “The training and inspiration we received this weekend from Governor Dean and Democracy for America will be a springboard as we move forward to win in 2012. We appreciate the hospitality of The Coeur d ‘Alene Tribe. Their resort is a wonderful venue to gather and experience the enthusiasm and optimism of Idaho Democrats.”

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