GOP Commissioners Think Redistricting is a Game

Responding to a statement by a Republican Redistricting Commissioner, Democratic Party Chairman Larry Grant said, “It is unfortunate that the Republicans think this is a game.  Our Democratic commissioners are working hard to ensure that every Idahoan has an equal voice in our elections.”

At issue was today’s quote by GOP Commissioner Evan Frasure saying, “…the game’s begun. We’re absolutely thrilled, because we now have their plan in front of us, and they don’t have anything from us. The maneuver worked very well for us – we couldn’t be more happy.”

Most of Tuesday’s hearing was spent bickering over how the commission should proceed on redistricting District maps.  Below are two Congressional maps that were up for consideration. “It is pretty obvious from their plan that the Republicans are only interested in protecting their incumbents,” Grant said. “Democratic Commissioners wish to establish lines that are easy for voters to understand, responding to public testimony that requested clear and easily identifiable boundaries.”

The map that divided the state along a clean East-West line was quickly dismissed by the Republican Commissioners on the argument that it was not traditional, but during the discussion Republican Commissioner Frasure also declared that the Commission was not bound by anything the Commission did last time.  “It’s obvious that the Republicans are happy to be inconsistent,” Grant said, “when it serves their partisan purpose.”

At the end of Tuesday’s hearing, Democratic Commissioner George Moses presented a 35-District Legislative Map, which he believes to be constitutional.  “If Commissioner Frasure is thrilled to have our map and happy to conceal his own,” Grant said, “then he really is playing games. Commissioners should be focused on what the voters need, not what their party wants.  In the end, it should be thevoters that should be the victors not a political party.“

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