A Good Year Then, A Great Year Now

Last year was a great year for Idaho Democrats. We know that 2014 will be even better.

As a party, we spent the past year working hard and training activists for the 2014 elections. Our new Idaho Democratic Party Chairman Larry Kenck lived up to his promise to be an active chairman traveling thousands of miles to meet with county activists. We offered a number of trainings and were gratified to see the energy.

The past year kicked off with a powerful legislative session where Idaho Democrats played pivotal roles in saving counties from losing crucial funding for their roads, safety services and schools to another reckless proposed tax giveaway from Gov. Otter to his corporate benefactors. Otter’s priority remained to continue decades of GOP economic policies that harm Idaho’s families and communities.

Indeed, Idaho Democrats did as much as possible, working to block the most disastrous results of an imbalanced political system after two decades of ironclad GOP control. Still, Idaho’s GOP majority was unfazed by our new status as the state with with highest percentage of minimum wage jobs–Otter was using that status to lure more low-paying companies to the state!

The IDP let Idaho know that we are vibrant with a statewide summer tour of our new caucuses and by hosting statewide education rallies in the fall. We had an incredible turnout for a campaign worker training in November, which showed that our pool of talent in this state is deep. Those were just a few of the activities sponsored and promoted by the IDP.

We may have been running full speed in 2013, but we’re just going to grab another gear and go faster in 2014.

Idaho Democrats have incredible candidates, with more planning to announce their runs in within the next month or so.

A governor’s candidate, A.J. Balukoff, had Gov. Otter playing defense when Balukoff’s candidacy was still a rumor. Anyone else notice how Otter suddenly switched his seven year priority of tax cuts for his corporate cronies to an election-year conversion professing love for edcuation? We have other great candidates as well, such as Rep. Shirley Ringo, who will give a Idahoans a choice between a self-promoting Tea Party Congressman versus someone who actually cares about working families.

Stay tuned to this website and the IDP Facebook page for updates on our Idaho Democratic candidates and the work of Idaho Democratic legislators.

The issues are on our side. The momentum is with us. Every Idaho Democrat can be part of the 2014 victories by reminding people that it was 20 years of GOP rule that gave us an economy where families struggle, where public education is slashed. Our priorities are Idaho priorities.

Happy New Year, Idaho! Together, we will make Idaho’s future brighter for our communities, our businesses, our families, and our children.



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