Committees of the Chair Application


Each standing committee of the chair is made up of 6-12 members representing the diversity and geographic regions of Idaho. All members are appointed by the Chair for the period of one year. Committee members should be prepared to volunteer 5-10 hours of their time a month throughout the duration of the year depending on the committee they are chosen for. For some committee members this time commitment may be condensed into a shorter period of time-based on the duties of their committee.

Committees of the Chair

We are strong and getting stronger! We can use your expertise and skill set to move the Idaho Democratic Party forward. Below are the Committees of the Chair appointment opportunities that you can volunteer for. Please select the committee you would most like to participate in and let us know your qualifications. Read further below form for committee descriptions. Each committee requires an individual application or you can note 2nd or 3rd choices in the qualifications section.
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Current Standing Committees of the Chair Descriptions

Personnel- The functions of the Personnel committee include drafting and/or revising personnel policies, reviewing job descriptions, establishing a salary structure, and annually reviewing staff salaries, and reviewing the benefits package. Committee members may also be asked to consult on additional personnel matters as deemed necessary by the Chair.

Fundraising- The functions of the Fundraising committee include working with staff and officers to implement the annual fundraising plan. Members will take the lead in fundraising activities such as events, call time sessions, and donor meetings.

Finance- The functions of the Finance committee include long term financial planning and laying out plans on how to accomplish the long term financial goals of the party as well as recommend financial guidelines and mechanisms to the officers and Executive committee.

Convention- This committee convenes during even election years to plan the activities during State Convention. State Convention is a weekend long event where our Idaho party platform is adopted and national convention delegates are selected during presidential years.

Bylaws- The function of the Bylaws committee is to reviewed and given a recommendation on any proposed amendments by members of the State Central Committee. From time to time the State Central Committee shall send bylaws issues that need to be worked out to the Bylaws committee to submit proposed changes back to the body. The Bylaws committee should periodically review the Bylaws to ensure that current practices are in good standing and make adjustments to current practices and/or propose bylaw changes to bring the two into alignment. The Bylaws Committee also acts as the Committee on Convention Standing Rules and shall advise the State Chair and Convention Chair during State Conventions.

Platform- The function of the Platform committee is to collect feedback from State Convention Delegates during even election years and submit a draft platform to the State Convention Delegation for review, debate and ratification until someone calls for a vote on the Platform at the State Convention.

Candidate Recruitment- The function of the Candidate Recruitment committee is to aid local Chairs in the candidate recruitment process at Federal, state, county and municipal levels.

Technology- The function of the Technology committee is to aid the Voterfile Admin in administering service, training and support for the voter file. Committee members may also be asked to consult on additional technology matters as deemed necessary by the Chair.

County Campaign- The function of the County Campaign Committee is to support and mentor candidates running for county office during even election years. The purpose of this committee is to increase the number of Democratic County elected officials.

Rural Council- The function of this committee is to apprise Party leadership and candidates on issues and messaging opportunities in rural Idaho and ensure balance is maintained amongst urban concerns.

Veterans Council- The function of this committee is to apprise Party leadership and candidates on issues and messaging opportunities around our Veterans and their needs.

Educators Council- This committee is a vehicle for past and present educators to gather and discuss the state of education in Idaho, funding concerns and methods for improvement.

Business Council- This committee is designed for professionals to gather and brainstorm ideas on how to improve our presence and strength in the business community, as well as recruitment and promotion of Democratic businesses.

Executive- The functions of the Executive Committee to act for the State Central Committee when time does not permit a proper calling of a meeting of the Central Committee, provided the actions are submitted to the State Central Committee for endorsements or rejection at its next meeting. The voting members of the Executive Committee consist of the State Chair, State Vice-Chair, State Treasurer and eight State Central Committee Members from seven regions.

IDP BYLAWS governing Committees of the Chair

Section 7.2 Duties of Standing Committees. The State Chair or his or her designee shall, in consultation with the Executive Committee, designate the objectives and duties of the standing committee to the committee chair in writing. No Standing Committee shall have the power to act on behalf of the State Committee unless the State Committee expressly grants such power in writing.

Section 7.3 Additional Standing Committees and Special Committees.

7.3.1 The State Committee may create additional Standing Committees as it deems appropriate by majority vote of the State Committee Members present at any meeting of the State Committee.

7.3.2 The State Chair may appoint special committees to address issues not otherwise addressed by the standing committees and may limit the duration of the committee’s operation.

Section 7.4 Committee Chairs and Membership.

7.4.1 The State Chair shall appoint all standing committee and special committee chairs in consultation with the Executive Committee. When a new State Chair takes office, he or she may appoint new committee chairs and members at his or her discretion.

7.4.2 The State Chair shall appoint all members of all Standing Committees. Membership in Standing Committees shall be as geographically representative as is reasonable. The chair of a special committee shall appoint the members of the committee.

7.4.3 A committee chair shall have the same powers within the committee as the State Chair has within the State Committee, including the right to vote on all matters before the committee.

7.4.4 Reporting Procedures: All Standing Committee chairs or their designees shall report on behalf of the committee to the State Committee during the meeting of the State Committee at the Frank Church Banquet and at any other State Committee meeting when requested by the State Chair. The form of the report shall be designated by the State Chair. The State Chair may request that the Committee Chair or designee report from time to time to the Executive Committee to provide information important to decision making of the Executive Committee.

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