From Rep. Rusche: Calls for Special Session/Exec. Order to Save Idaho Millions

From Rep. John Rusche:
The Governor and Republican House and Senate members must set aside political rhetoric and work with Democratic legislators to meet the federal deadline for creating an Idaho Health Insurance Exchange. That will mean either an Executive Order or a Special Legislative Session. Failure to act will cost Idaho millions of dollars.

“The citizens of Idaho are asking for help and Democratic legislators are calling on the Governor and Republican legislators to take action,” said Dr. John Rusche, Minority House Leader. “The cost of health care and health insurance is crippling family budgets and business recovery. The constitutional Affordable Care Act offers tools to make progress. Our Republican colleagues cannot continue to hide behind political campaign slogans when action is needed.”

“Last session the Majority refused to consider developing the Health Insurance Exchange and even removed appropriations for standard Department of Insurance activities related to the ACA. Health and Welfare was beleaguered when trying to comply with Medicaid readiness standards. The citizens and businesses of the State deserve better.” Rusche added.

Idaho Democrats call for a rapid return to planning for a State Exchange. We also hope for an honest and fiscally responsible discussion about healthcare for the uninsured in this state.

Leadership is needed to address the healthcare issues. We commit to provide our expertise and effort as well, and call on The Governor and Republican legislators to step up.

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Unfortuanately, until enough hard-working citizens of our state suffer from the radical and self-serving politics of the GOP, too many will continue to just vote for whoever has an ‘R” in front of their name, on the ballott. Idaho is as conservative and as much of a Republican dominated state as their is in the country. Southeastern Idaho, where I reside, is vastly dominated by Republican voters. They are generally so anti-Democrat that you can’t expect them to listen to common sense or to be able to reason with them. Far too many in our state have been taught from a young age what their political and religious views must entail and they are easily manipulated by the FOX News and Rush Limbaugh misinformation and outright lies. I don’t see any drastic changes in Idaho politics, over, at least, the next decade. Our biased education system, the predominant religion and the very culture of our state, make me real pessimistic that common sense will ever prevail. As you have written about, even the most unethical of the GOP can win in a landslide in this state. Sad, but true.

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