Dick Fosbury: He Changed the Olympics, Now Onto Idaho

Olympic High Jump Gold Medalist Dick Fosbury will officially announce his candidacy for the Legislative District 26 House seat on Monday. The seat is held now by Republican Steve Miller of Fairfield, a legislator whose time thus far in the Legislature is notable for … well, nothing in particular, really.

The Times-News broke the story today though and Fosbury has been fielding calls from curious Idaho reporters who are understandably giddy about the pun opportunities with Fosbury’s signature contribution to Olympic sports–the Fosbury Flop. Until Fosbury’s 1965 Olympic gold medal, high jump competitors dove over the high bar a number of ways. Fosbury leaped over it back first–and changed the sport forever.

Now he plans to bring that kind of innovation and dedication to the Idaho Legislature. You can’t put too fine a point on just how large the mark is that this man has already made on the world. He is one of the most influential athletes in track and field history (that goes back to the ancient Greeks). The photo in this piece comes from the Encylcopedia Britannica. If there were ever a time for Idaho to need this kind of singular excellence in government, it is now!

We look forward to following his race and will keep you updated. For the time being, take a look at this awesome TV commercial that uses Fosbury as its star.



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