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Join Nampa volunteers as we gather signatures for the Open Primaries Initiative in Downtown Nampa during the Farmer’s Market! There will be two shifts each Saturday. At the beginning of each shift, we’ll meet at the lot near 1918 Lounge at the corner of 1st and 13th, and then split up to talk to folks about this important measure. It will be necessary for us to stay on public property while we gather signatures. Supplies and training will be provided!

Idaho’s closed primary blocks 270,000 independent voters from voting in the most important elections resulting in many of our leaders being hand-picked by political party committees, not by the people they’re supposed to serve. It’s time to give power back to the people of Idaho.

The Open Primaries Initiative will give Idahoans more freedom and better leadership. This initiative gives all voters, regardless of party affiliation, the freedom to vote in all elections and elect more leaders who focus on solving real problems. Please sign up for a shift if you can make it! Hope to see you there!