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Join us for the groundbreaking 1st Idaho Women’s Symposium. Learn the history and ongoing threats to women’s rights, hear firsthand accounts of how the Idaho Legislature is endangering women’s lives and safety, and how we can build solutions to combat extremism here at home.

The Idaho Legislature has taken away our reproductive rights, opposes our access to health care, votes down affordable child-care, rejects parental leave policies, and more. This informative symposium will bring experts and political leaders from across the state together to discuss the harmful anti-woman policies that have already been enacted, new threats on the horizon, and ways that regular men and women can fight back and work to restore our rights.

Featured Speakers:

Josi Christensen: National Organization of Women

Jen Jackson Quintano: Pro-Voice Project

Kaylee Peterson: Congressional Candidate

Contact: IdahoWomensSymposium@gmail.com for any questions