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We will be letting known Dems know about our “Fantastic 4” Dem candidates. These will all be friendly Dems who just to need to be energized to vote in November. We will have absentee ballot request forms and lit packets to give them. Anthony Porto, Field Director from the Idaho Democratic Party in Boise, will be giving us an invaluable training session before we go out for a 20 door turf list. The training session will start at 10:00. We will start knocking at 11:00 am and hope to have everyone finished by 1:00 pm. We have targeted people who are 65 and older so, we hope to have many people home on a beautiful weekday morning. Bring water, snacks, and wear your best walking shoes. Each turf will have about 20 door so expect to be knocking for 1.5 hours. Thank you again for your time and commitment to making Idaho a better place for all.