Erpelding’s Big Week: Online Registration and Pulling Weeds

It’s been a busy week for Boise Rep. Mat Erpelding.

On Monday, he introduced a bill to establish online voter registration. And on Tuesday his proposal to create a Noxious and Invasive Weeds Awareness Week passed the Idaho House.

The online registration bill is an effort to modernize our government, save money, and expand voting opportunities for active military service members and disabled citizens, Erpelding said.

This will increase voter registration opportunities, increase elections security, and will provide county election officials with more resources to do their job effectively,” Erpelding said. “Additionally, online voter registration keeps citizens involved, particularly those serving overseas, by creating a one-stop, streamlined process.”

The online registration would be more secure than the current system because it would be connected with driver’s licenses. Also, the $300,000 start up costs would be recouped by savings related to labor and paper costs.

The next step for the bill is to have a full hearing in the committee.

The Noxious and Invasive Weeds Awareness Week would help the Idaho Weed Board engage the public in an integrated, statewide weed eradication plan.

Erpelding noted that invasive, noxious weeds are very costly to Idaho agriculture and to recreation. The week, which would immediately precede Memorial Day, would be a vital part of the strategy to educate and involve everyone in this problem.

“Noxious weeds should concern of every Idahoan as it affects our economy by damaging rangeland, agricultural land, and our public land,” said Erpelding.

Now the bill goes to the Senate for consideration.

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