Enough is enough

Last night President Obama asked every one of us to contact our congressmen and let them know it is time to bring the Congressional stalemate to an end.

The whole world is watching.  It’s time for us to show them why the United States remains the greatest country on Earth – not just because we are able to keep our word and live up to our obligations, but also because we can still join together as one people.

The Senate has laid out a bi-partisan plan to avoid default.  Under that plan, we would make a $2.7 trillion down payment on deficit reduction and guarantee that we don’t have to have this debate again six months from now.

Contact your Idaho Congressmen and tell them to stop kicking the can down the road and solve this problem.

You’re represented in the Senate by

Mike Crapo – (202) 224-6142

Jim Risch – (202) 224-2752

And, in the House of Representatives, by Raul Labrador (202) 225-6611 or Mike Simpson – (202) 225-5531