District 18 Legislative Vacancy

On December 13, 2013, the District 18 Democratic Central Committee (CC) submitted 3 candidates to the governor to be considered for the Senate seat vacated on 12/1/13 by Branden Durst.  One of those candidates was Representative Janie Ward-Engelking.  In the event that the governor appoints Ward- Engelking, the CC will again have the responsibility to submit 3 more names to fill her seat in the Idaho House of Representatives (Idaho Code 59-904a). Applications are now being accepted for those who wish to be considered for this position. Those interested should fill out a questionnaire by clicking here.

As written in the bylaws of District 18 Central Committee, a separate Candidate Recruitment Committee (CRC) will screen and evaluate interested parties and will recommend 3-5 final candidates to the District 18 Central Committee.

All applicants must agree to seek re-election in 2014 and run a robust campaign, which includes active fundraising and door-to-door canvassing.  Please note that final applicants must also be residents of District 18 and have been a registrar of the district for at least a year.

1) Interested parties should fill out and submit a candidate questionnaire prepared by the CRC. All questionnaires must be submitted by 6pm 12/24/13.

a. The questionnaire is located by clicking here  or by calling District 18 Chair, (208) 345-1189.
b. Completed questionnaires filled out online will be directly submitted to the CRC, but questionnaires may also be emailed to id.dist18.dems@gmail.com.

2) After receiving completed questionnaires, the CRC will do the following:

a. Check the residency and voter registration qualifications of prospective candidates
b. Create a tentative priority list of qualified prospects based on questionnaires and other inquiries
c. Select and notify candidates to be interviewed by the CRC (Tentative date for this round of interviews will be Saturday, 12/28/13).

3) The CRC will interview candidates and make recommendations of 3-5 candidates to the CC.

4) Final candidates will be interviewed by the CC (Tentative date for final interviews will be Monday, 12/30/13).

5) The CC will send the final list to the governor.

All applicants will be formally notified of the CRC recommendations. Questions about this process may be directed to the District 18 Chair at id.dist18.dems@gmail.com.

Thank you again for your interest in District 18.


John Goettsche
Chair, District 18