Democrats Welcome Primary Voters

Sun Valley, Idaho – At their Fall State Central Committee meeting, Democrats voted unanimously to keep their primary open to everyone in order to encourage voter participation 2012 primary election.
State Chair Larry Grant said, “We didn’t waste any time talking about closing our primary. Not a single person on our State Central Committee was interested in disenfranchising voters.  The Democratic Party welcomes everyone that has been thrown out of the Republican Party by the extremists trying to purify their ranks by closing their primary.”
Other Democratic Party leaders agreed. House Minority Leader John Rusche said, “Our Democratic Legislators represent everyone in their districts, not just the Democrats but Republicans and Independents as well, so our election process should reflect that.” Susan Eastlake, Idaho Democratic Party Treasurer, went on to add, “We have always been the party of inclusivity and openness and I don’t want to see that change now just because the Republicans have closed their doors to the majority of Idahoan voters. We welcome with open arms anyone that wants to join our decision making process.”
During the debate the majority of speakers were in favor of including registered Republicans in Democratic primaries. When the vote was called for all 70 votes were in favor of the motion to keep the primary open to everyone. Larry Grant said, “I am proud that the Idaho Democratic Party continues to allow voters the right to make their own choice about which ballot to vote on.”

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