Democratic Primary Election Is Open to ALL

Meridian, Idaho—Despite a $200,000 information campaign by the Idaho Secretary of State’s Office regarding the new closed primary election, there remains confusion.

To clarify, absolutely anyone can vote in the Idaho Democratic primary elections next Tuesday. If you choose to be unaffiliated – essentially retaining your right to be a truly independent voter – you can vote in the Idaho Democratic primary election. Just ask for the Democratic ballot after you have declared that you are unaffiliated.

Also, if you choose to affiliate as a Republican, Constitutionalist, Libertarian, Democrat –and, again, unaffiliated – you can request and vote the Democratic ballot.

Republicans are the only party that is choosing to be exclusionary. They will only let registered Republicans vote in the Republican primary. They sued the state to impose this restriction on Idaho voters, and they succeeded.

“Republicans closed their primary election in an effort to purify their ranks and purge moderate and reasonable candidates,” said Idaho Democratic Party Chairman Larry Grant. “Thank Republicans for the confusion and angst among voters. Democrats respect that Idaho voters pride themselves on independence and respect their desire for privacy in the voting booth. We welcome all to vote in the Democratic primary.”

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For some reason My wife and I recieve a barage of info from the republican party and none from the democratic party , We are bothe Democrat’s and have live in Idaho in kootenia
County since 1995 and have voted in every election for the Democratic Party , maybe You can enlighten Me as to why this could Be. Thanks Don Barnett & Wife Natale…

Hi Don, what Legislative District are you guys in?

Am I understanding your article correctly? If I register as a republican, I can get a republican ballot and also request a democrat ballet?

For years moderate Republicans and centrist Democrats have bickered and debated various sides of issues and I stood on the sidelines as our government did what they were sent there to do and in the end things were accomplished for the betterment of our state and country. Recently extremism has taken root in the Republican party and it’s been a weed that resists rational reasoning and therefore needs to be totally extracted one vote at a time. I am again a registered Democrat in Buhl’s precinct 1 of district 23 in this our great state of Idaho and I walked into the den of a Republican stronghold and proudly asked for my Democratic ballot for tonight’s primary for there will be no more sidelines for me, now or ever again. A vote for a Democrat is a vote for a healthy and vibrant Idaho !

Patricia Visser

On the day of the Primary I went to my precinct in Meridian to cast my vote. Upon arrival there was a lady who asked me if I was aware that this was a closed election/primary, and I told her that I was aware of that. I then showed my ID, was asked to state my address, and to sign my party affiliation. I signed as “unaffiliated”. I was then given a folder with a card in it saying “Non-Partisan” which was handed to the next lady at the table. She proceeded to give me a “non-partisan” ballot. I said that I wanted a different ballot. I was denied that option, because according to them I had signed as “unaffilated” and therefore I could only vote with a “non-partisan” ballot. I told them they were wrong. They insisted they were right. I then said: “I’m out of here”, and I left. I returned to my home, called the county commissioner’s office and explained what had happened. I spoke to a gentleman first, and he transferred me to a lady called Shannon. Shannon asked me if I was offered a choice of ballot. I told her no, and that I was very upset and angry for having been denied that option (choice between Democratic ballot or non-partisan ballot). She told me I was right, and she would contact the precinct to set them straight. I was assured that I could go back to cast my vote, and that I could call Shannon if there were any problems at the precinct. When I arrived there, I was then offered the choice of ballot, and was able to cast my vote with a Democratic ballot. All’s well that ends well, right? Wrong!
My concern is that there may have been many “unaffiliated” who were denied the choice of ballot before I got there, and therefore there has been one party (the Democratic party) who was put at a disadvantage.
Obviously someone had (deliberately or not deliberately) interpreted the procedures in their own way, and there was nobody there to correct them, until I started to make an issue out of it.
So, how is the outcome of the Primary Election going to be corrected, as nobody knows for sure at how many precincts this same thing might have happened, and how many votes were lost, because of people not standing their ground, and just going along with the flow, after they were told that as an “unaffilated” they could only vote with a “non-partisan” ballot?
Yes, my precinct was corrected, but how many others were not.
Shameful, very, very shameful.
This whole snafu could very well have influenced the Democratic’s Party outcome of this shameful Primary in Idaho (on purpose or not – we will never know).

I also contacted KBOI2 TV, and they confirmed that I was not the only person this had happened to. They are also going to look into it.

I felt that you needed to take note of this as well, and insist that a thorough investigation takes place.

Patricia Visser

I just want to make sure i understand this correctly. if i am not a member of the democratic party i can still vote in their primary? so if i am a republican i can vote for a democrat that i am hoping will be a shure easy win in the Nov election? i can vote for the worst possible democratic candidate on the ballet? this does not make sense to me. why am i allowed to vote on the democratic primary candidate that i think should represent democrats in the Nov election if i am not a member of that party? If i was a republican i would be glad that only republicans have a say in the candidate that will represent us in Nov.

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