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Coeur d’Alene Tribe Contributes $16,000 to Boise Area Schools

The Boise Public Schools Education Fund (BPSEF) is pleased to announce the receipt of a generous donation from the Coeur d’Alene Tribe for Boise area schools. Capital High School will receive $5000 to be used to fund scholarships for advanced placement exams.  Additionally, another donation of $11,000 will be made available to more than 100 elementary school teachers in District 19 for use in purchasing classroom supplies and other much needed educational materials for their students.

“This donation is truly a gift. We are very grateful for this contribution that provides funding for elementary teachers to purchase supplies and provides scholarships for those students who have rigorously taken AP classes but can’t afford the exam fees,” said Dr. Don Coberly, Boise School District Superintendent.

Representative Cherie Buckner-Webb, D-19 and Representative Grant Burgoyne, D-16 were instrumental in communicating to Tribal leaders the need for funding these programs in their respective districts. Both Buckner-Webb and Burgoyne helped to provide background on the programs and facilitate discussions with the Tribe to fund the requests.

In response to the gifts, Representative Burgoyne thanked the Tribe for its generous donation and said, “Advanced placement courses are a substantial benefit to high school students who can receive college credit without college costs.  But these AP courses require students to pay exam fees in order to receive college credit.  The Coeur d’Alene Tribe’s donation to Capital High School’s advanced placement scholarship program could not have come at a better time because the recession has made it more difficult for many families to pay these fees.”

Representative Buckner-Webb expressed her appreciation to the Tribe by adding, “This contribution exemplifies the Tribe’s ongoing demonstration of support for teachers, students and education across the state.”

The Coeur d’Alene Tribe will make the donation directly to the Boise Public Schools Education Fund (BPSEF) and Executive Director Jennifer Henderson will distribute the funds.  “This is a significant gift that will touch the lives of thousands of Boise School District students and educators,” said Henderson. The Boise Public Schools Education Foundation (BPSEF) exists to help teachers implement creative ideas that expand their students’ learning experiences and is a critical District partner providing extra resources that can often be the tipping point in the success of a school or a student’s life. 

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