DEM Club Spring Drive: Halfway to Our Goal

We are halfway to our goal of 100 new DEM club members.

Pledge NOW to elect more Idaho Democrats!

Your financial support is the single most important way to bring balance back to Idaho’s Capitol. DEM Club members make a difference.

In 2014, Idaho Democrats gained in the Legislature, whereas most states lost Democratic seats. Other states are looking at Idaho and asking how we did it during such a difficult election year for Democrats.

We did it with the help of Idaho Democrats like you. We did it because Idaho Democrats understand that you need “skin in the game” to win. Will you join our team today and contribute just $25 a month?

Your monthly investment helps us recruit candidates, train and support candidates and local parties, build our database, focus on strategic communications, and conduct public outreach. Idaho leads the nation among state parties when it comes to this kind of work. We have an expert, dedicated staff and the hardest working volunteer group of leaders you could hope for.

Our only limitation is whether or not we have the resources we need to expand and improve our successful programs and initiatives.

Your contribution has a straight-line correlation with how many Idaho Democrats we can elect-that is our only mission: elect Idaho Democrats.

Please contribute today! We only need 50 more members to meet our Spring DEM Club goal and that puts us further down the road to winning in 2016.

Yours truly,

Larry Kenck
Idaho Democratic Party Chairman

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