County Delegate Selection Caucus

Due to concerns with COVID-19 we were forced to cancel the in-person County Delegate Selection Caucuses on April 4th. Below are details on our alternative delegate selection plan for the election of state delegates.

The deadline to file as a state delegate candidate is April 11th at 5:00pm MT

What is the county delegate selection caucus?

At the 2020 County Delegate Selection Caucus, you will caucus to become a state delegate at the state convention for a presidential candidate of your choice, based on the results of the March 10 Presidential Primary. If you wish to attend National Convention as a delegate, you must be elected as a State Convention Delegate.

For counties that have more delegate candidates than delegate positions available virtual caucuses will be held on April 18th using Zoom. Candidates will have the opportunity to submit written campaign documents for attendees to view and make a 1 minute speech on the Zoom call.

For counties that do not have more delegate candidates than spots available the state party will certify those candidates as delegates automatically in partnership with the county party.

Idaho County Caucus Change Addendum


Interested in becoming a delegate to the state and/or national conventions? Find more information here: