Dealing with Idaho’s Education Crisis

The Idaho Democratic Party values the democratic process. We applaud the citizen action groups that have been galvanized into action by Superintendent Tom Luna’s drastic changes to Idaho’s education system. We intend to keep our members abreast of any ongoing measures designed to support Idaho’s teachers, schools and families and deal with this ongoing education crisis.

We are aware of three separate groups currently working on education petitions. Below is a full description of each effort and how you can get more information from those organizations.

Please check our website frequently for updates on their efforts. If you have information pertaining to education actions being taken not identified here please contact
[h4_underlined] Referendum [/h4_underlined]
Method- 47,432 signatures needed by June 1st to put the repeal language on the November 2012 ballot. A simple majority is required to repeal the bills. There are three petitions, one for each education law that passed despite prevalent opposition.

[h4_underlined] Recall of Tom Luna [/h4_underlined]

Method- 158,106 valid signatures must be obtained by June 27th. The secretary of state calls the special election. The majority of the votes cast in the special election must be in favor of the recall and the number of votes in favor must equal or exceed the ballots cast at the last general election for that officers.  The governor appoints a successor. The successor must be a member of the same political party as the recalled officer, and must be selected from a list submitted by a committee of the political party of the recalled officer.


[h4_underlined]Recall of District 18 Sen. Mitch Toryanski and Rep. Julie Ellsworth[/h4_underlined]

Method – Same process as the Tom Luna recall, activists must collect 4,725 signatures from registered District 18 voters by June 27th then secure at least 6,429 votes to recall Ellsworth and 6,455 votes to recall Toryanski.

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