Committees of the Chair

Committees of the Chair

Each standing committee of the chair is made up of 6-12 members representing the diversity and geographic regions of Idaho. All members are appointed by the Chair for the period of one year. Committee members should be prepared to volunteer 5-10 hours of their time a month throughout the duration of the year depending on the committee they are chosen for. For some committee members, this time commitment may be condensed into a shorter period of time-based on the duties of their committee.

Affirmative Action Committee

Historically, the Affirmative Action Committee has only been active regarding delegate selection in presidential election years to ensure the most diverse class of delegates to the national convention. We currently have an opportunity to expand the purpose of this committee to fill the need within the party to break down barriers to party involvement and make the party inclusive to people of color, the LGBTA community, young activists, and the disabled.

Business Council

The Business Council works to maintain and strengthen the relationship between the Democratic Party and Idaho’s Business Community. It is tasked with developing the council into a Caucus recognized under IDP Bylaws.

Candidate Recruitment Committee

The function of the Candidate Recruitment committee is to aid local Chairs in the candidate recruitment process at Federal, state, county and municipal levels.

Communications Committee

The long-term goal of the IDP Communication strategy is to use our strong value-based identity so that ‘Idaho Democrats’ are a clearly defined, appealing group with whom Democrats, candidates and a majority of voters want to affiliate. We also must define and hold the GOP accountable. Achieving this goal will allow us to recruit, run and elect first-rate candidates, and enable all Democrats to proudly represent the IDP.

Delegate Selection Committee

The procedures for selecting delegates to the State Convention shall be determined by the State Committee but must be consistent with the National Charter, applicable law, these Bylaws and a delegate selection plan/convention call if applicable. Delegates to the Democratic National Convention shall be elected in accordance with the applicable DNC delegate selection plan.

Educators Council

This committee is a vehicle for past and present educators to gather and discuss the state of education in Idaho, funding concerns and methods for improvement.

Finance Committee

The functions of the Finance committee include long-term financial planning and laying out plans on how to accomplish the long-term financial goals of the party as well as recommend financial guidelines and mechanisms to the officers and Executive committee.

Fundraising Committee

The functions of the Fundraising committee include working with staff and officers to implement the annual fundraising plan. Members will take the lead in fundraising activities such as events, call time sessions, and donor meetings. This committee effectively serves as the Frank Church Committee, organizing all auction and other fundraising activities during the event.

Personnel Committee

The functions of the Personnel committee include drafting and/or revising personnel policies, reviewing job descriptions, establishing a salary structure, and annually reviewing staff salaries, and reviewing the benefits package. Committee members may also be asked to consult on additional personnel matters as deemed necessary by the Chair.

Redistricting Committee

This committee represents each region of the state and is beginning work on preparing the information and materials for the Democratic Commissioners who will be on the 2021 Redistricting Commission.

Rules & Bylaws

The Rules and Bylaws Committee reviews the bylaws of a prospective special group to ensure those Bylaws meet the goals and bylaws of the IDP. The committee may recommend approval of the group to the State Central Committee.

Rural Council

The function of this committee is to apprise Party leadership and candidates on issues and messaging opportunities in rural Idaho and ensure balance is maintained amongst urban concerns.

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee aids Idaho Democrats to effectively use technology including social media, cyber security, web development, and Votebuilder.

Veterans Council

The function of this committee is to apprise Party leadership and candidates on issues and messaging opportunities around our Veterans and their needs.