Chairman Marley Responds to “Moderates Are Taking Hold” PAC

Last week, a former Republican state legislator announced the creation of a new political action committee called “Moderates Are Taking Hold.” This PAC is urging Idaho’s Democrats, progressives, moderates, and Independents to register as Republicans and participate in the 2018 May Primary Elections.

This idea is absolutely absurd. There is no way to effectively infiltrate the Idaho GOP and make it less radical. These dissatisfied Republicans are the ones to blame— they’ve handed the keys to the extremists and let them drive the car straight into the ditch. We shouldn’t be expected to save their party.

Idaho Dems know that when more Idahoans hear about our values and our solutions, more Idahoans inevitably understand that we are truly the Party that fights for the best interests of Idaho’s workers, families, businesses, and communities.

See below for Chairman Bert Marley’s response:

“Organized by a former Republican legislator, the “Moderates Are Taking Hold” PAC is asking Idaho’s Democrats and moderates to help counter the extremism of the Idaho GOP. We believe Republican leadership has caused this extreme ideology to flourish. They have encouraged the radical wing of their party to exist for power and votes so they can keep their own interests safe.

We believe it’s ridiculous that instead of urging Idahoans to vote for a balanced, two-party system, this misguided PAC is encouraging Idaho voters to stick to the status quo and support the party that put Idaho last in education.

Since the Republican party closed their primary, they have gotten what they wanted— a “pure” ideology. So now, disgruntled Republicans are asking Idaho Democrats to save them from themselves. They want Independents, moderates, progressives, and Democrats to vote for the least radical Republican candidate. Voters know that Idaho Democratic candidates are the true moderates. Our candidates offer a better alternative and will focus on creating opportunities for all Idahoans.”

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