AJ Balukoff for Idaho Governor

Boise businessman and education leader AJ Balukoff announced his decision to run for Idaho governor today in Boise. He made the announcement in front of Hillcrest Elementary School where his children went to school and where his grandchildren go to school. He is a hugely successful businessman and he has dedicated countless hours of public service on the boards of many major Idaho nonprofits.

Education, economy, honesty and transparency in government: AJ has the credibility, the competence and leadership experience Idaho needs.

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AJ’s grandkids showed up with some of the best campaign signs ever!

Here is AJ’s press release:

AJ Balukoff for Idaho

News release

December 3, 2013

Boise, Idaho—Businessman and Boise School Board Chairman A.J. Balukoff announced today that he will run for Idaho Governor. Balukoff made the announcement at Hillcrest Elementary School in Boise. His campaign website is www.ajforidaho.com.

My experience in business, education and public service is what Idaho needs for effective executive level leadership,” Balukoff said. “I am independent-minded and have a track record of solving problems and building success.

Balukoff, who has started and grown successful businesses, has also been active leading nonprofit and community organizations such as the Boise Public Library Board, the St. Luke’s Hospital Board and the Boise School District Board. AJ has often been recruited by community and non profit organizations because of his track record of financial management and helping organizations thrive. His business credentials include founding one of the largest locally-owned accounting firms in Idaho, creating a successful chain of health clubs and building and operating signature projects like Boise’s Grove Hotel, Century Link Arena and the Idaho Steelheads hockey team. He and his wife, Susie raised their 8 children in Idaho and now have grandchildren in the public school system.

Education is a driving passion for Balukoff. “My father only had an eighth grade level of education and he and my mother stressed the importance of education to me and my siblings,” he said. “That focus on education allowed me to succeed in business and I want every child in Idaho to have the same opportunities that I did.”

Balukoff decided to run after watching current Idaho politicians starve Idaho’s public education system, which has fallen to 50th in the nation in the amount we invest in our students. The results have been disastrous: Idaho students are 47th in going on to higher education and only 5 of Idaho’s 70 largest high schools have over half their graduates prepared for college. These same state politicians have also created an economic climate that now has Idaho leading the nation in the percentage of workers earning minimum wage. As a businessman and community leader, Balukoff believes that 20 years of one-party rule has created a pay-to-play culture in Idaho government and has led to poor policies that harm the state’s economy.

Idaho’s next governor needs to have the integrity to do the right thing regardless of party and the experience to get things right,” said Balukoff. “I have independence, the honesty, and the competence to make Idaho a better place for our children, our families and our businesses. Over the next 11 months I look forward to meeting fellow Idahoans as I make my case for being the best person to be Idaho’s next governor.”

AJ Balukoff Biography:
For over 31 years, A.J. Balukoff’s (Buh-lew-koff) honest, experienced leadership has helped make Idaho a better place.

A.J., 67, and his wife Susie moved to Idaho 31 years ago because they thought it was the best place in the country to raise their eight children. The accounting firm he started in his home was the start of a successful business career that helped build our economy and created hundreds of good Idaho jobs.

As one of Idaho’s educational leaders, A.J. helped deliver some of the best schools in the nation, with high academic performance, financial responsibility and accountability to parents and taxpayers. He believes that every Idaho child and community deserves the same opportunities for success.

A.J. has gotten results on the issues we need a governor to get right. As a Board Member of St. Luke’s, he helped improve the delivery of health care. He has worked to strengthen adult education and care for abused and neglected children. And as a leader in his church, he has lived the values of extending a helping hand to those in need.

A.J. Balukoff applies the same basic values to everything he does: Work hard. Tell the truth. Put people first. Treat everyone with respect and fairness. It is why he has been able to make such a difference for Idaho, and why he will be able to do even more as our next governor.

For more information https://ajforgovernor.com/


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