Above the Law?

The arrogance of power in current GOP leadership is shocking. Lawrence Denney and Norm Semanko went above the law and chose new redistricting commissioners, even after the Attorney General returned his opinion that negated their right to fire their current commissioners. It is not surprising that Dolores Crow and Randy Hansen have said that they have no plans to step down from the commission and are ready to get to work on Thursday.

Shelley Landry, Executive Director of the Idaho Democratic Party said, “The poisonous culture in our Statehouse is a direct result of this type of behavior, where the leader of the House goes against his own party members to make a decision for what appears to be his own personal gain. After all, the current re-districting map has put Denney into a 5 way race for re-election.”

With two decades of GOP rule, the culture that has developed is focused on what is in personal best interests instead of the best interests of Idahoans. We can only hope that our citizen’s redistricting process doesn’t get slowed down by these unbelievable power plays.

Denney and Semanko have claimed that Crow and Hansen agreed to a map that was too friendly to Idaho Democrats. Landry said, “Anyone that knows Dolores Crow should be outraged by that statement. Compared to the extremists that have taken over the Republican party, suddenly she is not considered Republican enough?”

With this fracture within the Republican party, it is more important than ever to implement meaningful ethics reform. We must establish the law of the land and send a strong message to these extremists that no one is above the law and Idaho laws must be adhered to.

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