Moving Idaho forward 

The Idaho Democratic Party is a gathering place for Idahoans from all across our great state who believe Idaho can do better.


We believe in building an economy that puts people first. No one should have to choose between buying food and paying rent. The people of Idaho deserve the right to fair wages in return for their hard work.


Everyone ought to be able to see a doctor for their health problems. Regardless of your income, you deserve the right to be treated when you are sick. You shouldn’t go bankrupt getting the medical care you or your family need.



We know the work done by teachers is difficult and crucial, and we think their pay should reflect that. We want to make college more affordable for students and families who are struggling financially, and early childhood education available to working parents who need the help.


Climate Change

The threat of climate change is real and frightening, but we can move towards a cleaner energy grid and boost our economy at the same time. We believe in taking steps to address this crisis while providing economic opportunities for you and your family.


Gun Violence

Far too many Americans are dying because of gun violence. While we do not want to take away your guns, we want to implement commonsense safety measures that preserve
your rights and keep all of us safe and free.


Although we don’t believe in open borders, we believe in allowing hard-working people the right to immigrate legally and contribute to the American economy. We need humane reforms to allow people seeking a better life in the United States a chance to do so.

We know these ideas will help all Idahoans, and we would love to work with you. If you would like to get involved in or learn more about what we are doing, get in touch below.