2018 County Caucuses

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2018 Democratic County Caucuses

In the month of April, Idaho Democrats will be holding caucuses in every county in the state of Idaho to elect delegates to the state convention June 29th & 30th in Caldwell, Idaho. Delegates will be voting on and approving the 2018 Party Platform.


Caucuses and conventions are regulated by state party rules. All registered Democrats are welcome!


County Caucus locations will be announced on this page. Democrats also may email or call the Idaho Democratic Party office (208) 336-1815 for information. Best efforts will be made to ensure Caucus locations are physically accessible to persons with disabilities and comply with the rules of the county central committee.


The people running the caucus must fill out forms showing that business was completed.

The agenda includes but is not limited to:

  • Checking to see who is eligible to vote;
  • Nominations for State Delegates;
  • Electing delegates and alternates to the State convention.


Delegates/Alternates selected at county-level will attend the State Convention June 29-30, 2018 to create and approve the Idaho Democratic Party 2018 Platform.

Online Delegate Nomination Form – Please sign up before your county’s selected caucus date.


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