Role at IDP: Sally oversees all the operations of the IDP and manages IDP staff and interns, which has been as small as 3 or as large as 17. If Sally is reaching out to you, it can be to let you know about an upcoming meeting of our State or Executive board, ask you to run for office or enroll you as a key adviser on one of our steering committees.

Professional Experience: Sally was first hired by the Idaho Democratic Party at the start of 2011 as their Field Director and became the Communication Director in November of 2011 and then moved into the Executive Director position in March of 2012.
She received her B.A. in Communications from Boise State University in 2005 and began her career in politics shortly afterwards. She specializes in building volunteer capabilities and operational structure for successful campaigns. She ran Rep. Sue Chew’s legislative campaign in 2006 and Rep. Phylis King’s legislative campaign in 2008. In 2010, she was Gubernatorial candidate Keith Allred’s Field Director/Volunteer Organizer. Sally strongly believes that democracy only works when individuals participate to the fullest extent possible. Voting is just the beginning step to ensuring our Government is of, by and for the people.

Personal notes: Sally is an Idaho native. She enjoys yoga, running, hiking, and escaping into any of Idaho’s natural playgrounds – from our hot springs to our back country. She and her husband are raising their two beautiful daughters in Boise. (208) 336-1815 x100