We give you the tools you need for success!

The Idaho Democratic Party provides valuable services for Candidates, Campaign Workers, and Party Leaders.  Contact us to see how we can help you!



We help campaigns of all sizes get off the ground with a wide variety of group trainings including:

Campaign Workers

We help campaign managers, volunteers and activists gain expertise in areas such as:

Party Leaders

We support our Party leaders in a number of areas including:

  • Building your website
  • How to write a campaign plan
  • Best practices on fundraising
  • Writing your stump speech
  • Effective voter contact methods
  • Volunteer recruitment practices
  • Prospecting donors
  • Targeting voters
  • Social media best practices
  • How to run fun, effective meetings
  • Candidate recruitment
  • Strategic planning
  • Engaging youth


We offer a wide variety of resources that can help you save money including:
  • Office-in-a-Box
  • Printing services (*requires payment)
  • Graphic design
  • Website design
  • Photography
  • Member lists
  • Vendor lists
  • Media lists
  • Online Toolbox
  • Campaign templates
  • Campaign consulting
  • Politcal worker recommendations
  • Personalized campaign start-up sessions


We manage and maintain a statewide database of all registered voters. This tool is the cornerstone of any effective campaign as it makes canvassing, phone calling, targeting and data analysis a breeze. We do regular webinars on Votebuilder, as well as provide one on one support.


We offer a wide variety of support in creating and disseminating your message. This includes the latest poll-tested messaging, winning issues and values-based
talking points. We provide help in drafting palm cards, mail pieces, press releases, organizing press events and we provide talking points on salient issues. We also help you spread your message through our communication channels:

  • Facebook
  • IDP Weekly Update

Coordinated Campaign*

We provide expert logistic, technological and management support to coordinate multiple campaigns for mass voter identification and GOTV efforts.
* This service requires payment.