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We have qualified, professional and hard-working candidates who need your support in the Primary Election.

Idaho Democratic Party Chairman Larry Kenck is asking for all Idaho Dems (and Independents) to vote in the Idaho Democratic Primary Election. Republican candidates have attempted to lure Idaho Dems their way, Kenck noted:

“It was amusing to see Sen. Russ Fulcher, Republican candidate for governor, ask Idaho Democrats to vote for him—genuinely amusing. It was a moment when bare political ambition outstripped common sense.”

Hmm. Political ambition over common sense? That’s unfortunately not a rare phenomenon here in Idaho.

The IDP issued the following opinion piece as a press release statewide:

Idaho Democratic Party

For Immediate Release
Date: May 2, 2014

IDP Chair: Idaho Dems/Independents Needed for Dem Primary

Boise, Idaho— Let me address Idaho Democrats and Independents who want better, balanced government: Your vote will make the most difference if you vote the Idaho Democratic Primary Election.

Now, let’s talk about why.

It was amusing to see Sen. Russ Fulcher, Republican candidate for governor, ask Idaho Democrats to vote for him—genuinely amusing. It was a moment when bare political ambition outstripped common sense. Fulcher’s attempt to entice Idaho Dems was based on the belief that we just want change. True, it would be a change to have Idaho Dems throw-in with folks who think Glenn Beck is prophetic or that a racist, scofflaw Nevada rancher is worthy of praise.

But, no, Mr. Fulcher, we don’t need that kind of “change.”

We want responsible, reasonable elected leaders who prioritize the prosperity of Idaho’s cities, businesses and families. We want leaders who listen. We want leaders who work to find, then offer, and then implement common sense solutions.

Republican civil-warriors such as Fulcher and incumbent Gov. Butch Otter offer a bad kind of a change. Otter would do what he has always done: mismanage government, reward well-connected cronies and contributors and waste. We the People’s tax dollars. Fulcher, by all indicators, would drive us faster toward some hypothetical ranking of “worse than last.”

There is no good choice in this Republican primary. The same can be said of other contested Republican primary races.

Twenty years of Republican rule has failed Idaho and no Republican politician has a vision to lift us off the bottom. No Republican primary candidate has the courage to say that we must stop cutting taxes for the wealthy and paying for those cuts by slashing education and raising taxes on average families.

We need bold, honest, courageous leadership.

The only place in 2014 to find true leadership is among Idaho Democrats. Our candidates offer real, sensible, effective ways to improve opportunities for families, children and businesses. Our candidates believe public service is a sacred trust and that our freedoms and liberties must be protected.

We have contested Idaho Democratic primary races, most of which have a clear “best choice.” Idaho needs those candidates to prevail—that means Idaho Democrats and Independents must weigh in.

Now, let me do just what I ridiculed Mr. Fulcher for doing: some of you registered Republicans out there should vote in Idaho Democratic primary races.


A number of Idaho Democrats are registered Republicans because they fear that a closed Republican primary might install radical elected leaders. Those Republican-registered Dems are not monkey-wrenching. They feel a civic imperative to fend off extremists. Nonetheless, I ask Idaho Dems who registered this way to come home.

Our primary election is not closed. Any Idaho Democrat who briefly exists as a registered Republican can vote in our election. Idaho Democrats, your candidates need you, your state needs you, our future hinges on your vote.


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