Idaho 2nd CD: Simpson Breaking Bad … I Mean Breaking Right

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First off: Listen to how U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson describes himself in this radio ad.

Next: Please note that 2nd Congressional District Idaho Democrats expect to field a competitive candidate for Congress but, as yet, there is no news to report regarding who that will be.

On to the point: Idaho Democrats are reasonable. We want leaders who don’t fixate on frivolous ideas like seceding from the union, switching to a bartering system of gold and chickens, or taking away our rights to vote for U.S. senators.

In that vein, some Idaho Democrats worry about Tea Party candidate Bryan Smith prevailing in his primary challenge against U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson. A few Idaho Dems may consider embracing the “lesser evil.” Well, just follow that notion to its basic result:

Under GOP leaders like Simpson (Otter, Luna, Risch, Labrador, Sali, Kempthorne, Craig, Chenoweth, Symms, and Batt), Idaho has suffered from the rise of Tea Party-Constitutionalist-John-Birch-style politics. Because of this ascension to power, we are now a low wage state that has slashed investment in education.

How was Simpson complicit in the rise of radical right-wing control of Idaho?

Simpson relied on these radicals–their passion, their energy, and their drive–to swing general elections his way. He courted them. He pandered to them. He didn’t speak against a lot of bad ideas for fear of being punished. He didn’t fight for Idaho, he fought for his political survival (Yes. Yes. These GOP titans have examples of bucking the base. But those are exceptions.) Simpson, and his ilk, enabled radicals to rise to power. Any way you cut it, support for Simpson would support a party that has become riddled with radicals and has elected leaders who know better but stay silent out of fear or self-interest or both. This 20-year trend of political impoverishment has harmed Idaho’s families, businesses and communities.

If an Idaho Democrat wants to stop the likes of Bryan Smith, the most powerful place to focus energy is on electing Idaho Democrats–not supporting Republicans who created Smith in the first place. Idaho Dems need you to be part of your communities and let people know why you oppose the Idaho GOP. Idaho Dem candidates need your donations, they need your volunteer work, they need your commitment. If you are a potential candidate, then Idaho Democrats need you to run. In places where people say they have no choices and elections are decided in the primary elections, you need to give them choices.

With that in mind, listen again to how U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson describes himself in this radio ad.

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Boehner Ally Returns Fire Against GOP Primary Challenger | #ID02

By Abby Livingston, Sept. 10
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Boehner Ally Returns Fire Against GOP Primary Challenger | #ID02

Simpson has a new radio spot. (Scott J. Ferrell/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Idaho Republican Rep. Mike Simpson fired back this week at his primary rival, attorney Bryan Smith, escalating one of the most high-profile House primaries of the 2014 elections so far.

Last week, Smith went on the radio airwaves with an ad attacking Simpson — a close ally of Speaker John A. Boehner — for being “liberal,” a charge Simpson’s campaign denied. On Tuesday, Simpson sent out his own negative radio spot. The minute-long advertisement includes audio of a car crash and an ambulance, before the narrator accuses Smith of being a “personal injury lawyer.”

Simpson campaign manager Brody Aston wrote in an email that the ad was “a significant district wide buy” but declined to give a value. But two GOP sources who monitor Idaho radio ad buys told CQ Roll Call the radio buy is worth $6,000 to $6,500.

Simpson marks the Club for Growth’s first primary target of the cycle. The wealthy conservative group gave Smith their backing in its first challenger endorsement of the cycle. However, Smith told CQ Roll Call in a recent video interview that he decided to run independently of the club.

“Idaho Republicans will not be fooled by Mike Simpson’s desperate radio ads,” Smith campaign manager Carrie Brown responded in an e-mail inquiry to CQ Roll Call about the spot.

Also on Tuesday, Smith picked up an endorsement from the Madison Project, a political action committee run by former Rep. Jim Ryun, R-Kan.

Idaho’s 2nd District is rated a Safe Republican contest by Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call.

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