The IDP internship program is a way for individuals to explore the political world and discover if it is a good match for their personality and future goals.

The IDP welcomes college Sophomores through post-graduates. The average internship lasts three months and includes a keystone project for each intern. Interns usually work between 10-20 hours a week. Summer internships are also available for high-school juniors and seniors.

The IDP internship program is designed to be a four year/semester program to give politically inclined students a well rounded political experience. We recognize that not all students will be interested in advancement in our internship program. We find after the first or second internship most students discern their specific area of interest.

We at the IDP are committed to partnering with all of our interns to ensure they make the connections they need to be successful in any of the following areas.

  • Political employment
  • Government agencies
  • Running for office
  • Issue based advocacy
  • Moving on to grad school or out of state opportunities

The IDP Internship Program is divided into the following areas (note that each student’s flow will be individualized based on the season and year in school when they enter the program but all students must complete an IDP internship before expecting a paid internship opportunity).

Moving through the program will be a competitive process and is dependent on the students own initiative, motivation, and ability to show they are the best person to advance to the next level.

Step 1 State Party Internship –  Offered year round this internship allows students to familiarize themselves with the pace and political environment as well as databases and other systems used for development, electoral and communication success.

Step 2 Legislative Internship – Offered during Spring semester this internship allows students to get first hand knowledge on the legislative process in either the House or the Senate- familiarization with a wide variety of constituent services and research projects as well as exposure to the bill writing process.

Step 3 Campaign Internship – Offered during campaign season this internship allows students to see the hard work required of anyone who chooses to run for office. Students will be interviewed by State Party staff and then will be placed in a campaign that well matches their skill set, interest area and temperament.

Step 4 Political Internship – This is an opportunity to get your first paid, political job on your resume. This is a highly competitive internship only offered to those that have completed all other internship steps. Depending on the time of year, it can be in one of three areas; the Statehouse, in the IDP office, or on a political campaign.

Available Areas of Interest:

Communication – Working with our Communication Director, the intern would help with a wide variety of media projects. These projects will require computer and phone work. Projects include website updates, media list research, messaging research, video and audio editing. Additional duties could include volunteer recruitment, front desk coverage, and data entry.

Tracking – Working with a Communication Director, the intern will
 regularly observe Legislative Committee meetings, political events, and online informational sources. Their job is to identify points of political contention and potential political capital that emerges.

Development – Working with a Development Director, the intern would help organize and research donors, assist with upcoming fundraising events, mailings and phone banks. Additional duties could include assistance with general office and research tasks.

Political – Working with a Political Director, the intern would help with a wide variety of political research projects. These projects will require computer and phone work. Additional duties will include volunteer recruitment, front desk coverage, and data entry.

Organizing – Working with a Field Director, the intern will be responsible for 
contacting potential volunteers, organizing field projects, supervise and train volunteers. This requires an enthusiastic person that has a skill capacity for working with people.

Executive – Working with Executive staff , the intern will help with infrastructure creation, organizational management, and organizational development opportunities. This requires a person who is dependable, prioritizes communication, highly skilled in keyboarding, technology and eager to learn systems and organizational development methods.

Policy – Working with Executive staff, the intern will be responsible for researching data for policy creation and legislative rebuttal. This requires a person who attends to details and accuracy, is skilled in keyboarding, data consumption, analysis and technical writing.

To apply for one of these internships, please send your resume, statement of interest and letter of recommendation from a registered Democrat to . Intern interviews are usually scheduled at the beginning of each school semester.

What Students Have To Say

  • My participation with Idaho Democratic party as an intern gave me the opportunity to see first hand, the inner workings of how the program operates, meet and network with a wealth of volunteers, employees and elected officials, as well as gain a better perspective of the values and goals that both the state and national Democratic encompass. My experience centered around the annual gala and allowed me to show my own strengths within the group and help make a difference for the betterment of the program. I would suggest anyone who is interested in being behind the scenes of important legislation, meet lead decision makers and be apart of an extraordinary team-sign up for an internship with Idaho Democratic Party today!

    Chele Schamber
  • Being a part of such a great organization will be an experience I’ll always remember. Not only has the Idaho Democratic Party created new opportunities for me but also allowed me to perfect on my political skills. I have made connections to the political world of Idaho and have been able to experience politics first hand while being able to watch myself grow.

    Karen Nunnally
  • Interning with the Idaho Democratic Party was one of my most rewarding experiences in college so far. The four month experience provided me valuable political skill not taught in school, contacts for future internships or employment, and the satisfaction of being politically engaged. Organizers at the Party, are confident, insightful, and encourage everyone to be an integral part of the Democratic movement.

    Bryce Dunham-Zember
  • The Idaho Dems community not only make you feel welcome, but every situation they put you in creates an oppurtunity. Working with them not only brought new experiences, but interactions with intelligent people and an up close look at the interworkings of the political arena.

    Bailey Russell
  • Interning with the Idaho Democratic Party was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. It provided me with numerous opportunities and opened doors that I never thought possible. I not only made valuable connections, I made lifelong friends. This experience made me realize that I want to be an active member of the Democratic Party, and someday run for political office.

    Kylie Reagan