Investments from Democrats like yourself keep us moving forward! Contributing to the Idaho Democratic Party helps Democratic candidates run for offices throughout the state, from the Statehouse to City Hall.


Did you know that the last statewide campaign to challenge the GOP machine and win, raised nearly 3 million… 3 million! That amount may seem insurmountable BUT consider this:  If every current registered democrat in Idaho became a DEM Club member at the average of just $15/month, IDP could generate over 4 million a year!  Never underestimate the power of your own pocket book!!  Small consistent donations do make a difference, and they are the future of restoring balance in politics.  Act today- Join the DEM Club at monthly contribution that works for your budget!

Giving Circles
Investment in Idaho Democratic Party is the best way to achieve long-term progressive change. We are breaking the stranglehold that Idaho Republicans have on government. The IDP is the only organization that has the mission to change the balance of power in Idaho. We are the only organization with capacity to get the job done. Progressive gains in education, quality of life, jobs, and more start with electing Idaho Democrats.

That’s what our investors do—elect Idaho Democrats.

The IDP provides leadership, support, training, and services to every Democratic candidate, Party organization, and member in Idaho. Our 10-year Strategic Plan, passed in 2013, focuses on year-round candidate recruitment and support, delivering a clear message about who we are, outreach to under-represented populations, and electing progressive candidates at every level. The financial investment of Democrats makes this work possible. We ask you to decide which of our giving circles makes the most sense for your family and political passion.

Membership Circle- Make an annual investment of $25 to be an official card-carrying Idaho Democratic Party member. Receive a member card, our weekly e-newsletter, and our annual Year-in-Review.

Chairman’s Circle- Make an annual investment of $100 and receive a collectable Chairman’s pin, membership card, weekly e-newsletter, and our annual Year-in-Review.

D.E.M. Club- Join the Donate Every Month Club by with a monthly investment of $10-$99. Receive our D.E.M. Club button, membership card, weekly e-newsletter, annual Year-in-Review, and discounts to events. D.E.M. Club members are also invited to a VIP reception prior to our signature Frank & Bethine Church Gala.

Sustaining Circle- Commit to an annual investment of $101-$999. Receive a membership card, weekly e-newsletter, annual Year-in-Review, discounts at events. Sustaining members are invited to an annual VIP reception prior to our signature Frank & Bethine Church Gala.

Trustee Circle- Join our Trustee Circle with an annual investment of $1000 or larger or by donating $100 monthly. Receive a membership card, weekly e-newsletter, annual Year-in-Review, and four discounted tickets to IDP events. Also receive premiere seating at a discounted rate for up to 10 guests at our signature Frank & Bethine Church Gala as well as an invitation to our VIP reception prior, quarterly Party briefing calls, and an exclusive Trustee appreciation dinner to discuss our progress and goals.

Partnership Circle- Our Partnership Circle is individually designed for progressive allies who align with our values and mission. Please contact to design a program that meets the needs of your organization.

Legacy Circle- Our Legacy Circle allows Party leaders or their family and friends the opportunity to leave a gift in their name to honor their memory and ensure we continue to thrive for generations to come. Such gifts might include a bequest, charitable trust, charitable gift annuity, life insurance, retirement plan assets, or a gift of property with a retained life estate. It is important to note the charitable gifts to political parties are not tax deductible.

Friends of the IDP- This circle is for Idaho Democrats who have re-located to other states or friends and family of Idaho Democrats who might want to support their work. Our goal is to have at least two donors in all fifty states. Friends of the IDP will receive an potato pin and a sticker with our special mascot, the Donkalope.